Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that Chip was born 16 years ago this morning.  I remember the whole thing–the trip to the hospital when they started to induce labor because the contractions had started then stopped, and then they sent me home because the insurance company said I was a week early according to their calculations. […]

For the love of Pete

Have you ever thought about what that means–For the love of Pete!  If you know the origin, will you comment and let the rest ofus know.  I’ve been wondering about that lately.  Deep thinking, huh? Life around here has been different–quieter, maybe, but mainly just different.  Life is full of change.  Think for a minute […]


Each morning, I receive a precious devotional that is practically a note from God to me.  I’ve deleted my name and left a blank for you to put in your own name as you read it.  If you’re feeling down, depressed, overwhelmed–all of the above  I think you’ll find the words very helpful.  They helped […]


It is the changing of life that reminds us we are still living.  It is the changes that sometimes make me the most sad.  I am sad and happy in the same moment.  Sad for the changes I do not like and happy for the changes that will make others more at peace.  It is […]

election day

I don’t remember the last time I was so glad to have an election come to an end.  Well, actually, I do.  It was at the end of the last election.  Point being that electionsare great things, but the Dem/Rep warring that seems to go on beforehand is just exhausting.  The whole Democrat or Republican […]

A New Day

It’s a new day!  Life is always changing, and I know that each day is new, but doesn’t the cool air make it all feel so fresh?  I love the thought of opening the windows, letting the fresh air blow through the house and give us a new feel inside these walls!  I sometimes need a […]

More photos



PRELIMS!  We made it to the finals…a huge feat!        After finalists were announced, there was MUCH celebrating!  This is a Contest of Champions, after all, and the competition to make it to the final 8 was tough!          It was Mr. Ken Crutcher’s 50th Birthday!!!  Happy Day!              Speaking of turning 50…just one […]


With 30 kids taking the ACT in the morning, today was the last practice for many.  It was really emotional to me to think that these kids won’t be out here on the practice field the next time…in July.  It was a great practice, with lots of little things being adjusted.  Tomorrow should be an […]

Awesome! You Rock!!!!

The contest at Hoover was really exciting–mostly because Siegel won, but just the whole mood was grand! It was a very busy weekend–first the game, Senior Night, and then the contest.  Whew!  I’m worn out!!  Whatmore can I say?  Well, I can say that I think this is the most amazing group of students.  Your willpower […]

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