Another Day

It’s good that one day doesn’t necessarily become the next…each day is its own day.Yesterday was the Oakland ball game.  We lost.  That was disappointing, but the cheerleaders are noticeablybetter this year–they are cheering much more than in the past.  That’s something to smile about!  Here’s the cutestcheerleader of all: So, David, Spencer and Parker […]


Emotions are such funny things, aren’t they?  Mine are really on overload right now.  First, the plane crash  on Sunday, then stuff with youth group that is bothering me, and now a shooting of a girl I just met for the first time on Tuesday.  Today, just 36 hours later, she is dead.  Her name…Sue.  […]

Jim and Nick’s

Parker and I were on our own tonight and decided to give “Jim ‘n Nick’s” Barbecue a try.  Parker had heard it’s supposed to be great…Well, the parking lot was full and we were relieved to see a drive-thru window.  We pulled up and this guy was talking to the car in front of us […]


Today is Tuesday.  Many things are going on in my head.  Too much to explain right now.  I’m praying that God will make the answers and decisions so obvious, and that no one will be unhappy with those.  Life is always changing, and I need to remember that.  The only constants are the people, the relationships, […]

Life’s Just So Good!

 Last night was a mini-movie night.  But it was a wonderful night, no matter how small the group.  Sometimes, small is really good!  Want to see who was here? Chip and Chelsey… 🙂   Jacob and Rachel… 🙂   Daniel and Emily… 🙂 (Nice smile, Daniel) Today was a good day, too…Lots of Happy Birthday wishes… and then […]


If you have known me for more than a year, you know that I love birthdays!   I love my birthday, and I love other people’s birthdays.  I just think everyone should celbrate such a wonderful day!!  It is 12:39 a.m. and already I have received a birthday email card from Laura ( was a really […]

First Football Game!

It was a great first football game.  Even though we lost, it was SO much better than most of us thought it would be.   That’s how it looked early in the evening! So here are some of the pictures from tonight, but to see more of them, you’ll want to see the photo show.    […]

Charlie is Not a Cow…Summer End…School Begins

 So, as hard as it is to believe…Jacque and Tiffany are wrong…Charlie is not a cow.  He is a pretty cute dog!   Friday was great with band camp coming to a close..I love to see the performance on that Friday, as in only two weeks everyone has really come together to do something that […]

Last Day of Band Camp…Charlie Got a Haircut!

  Charlie got a haircut today…he looks so cute!  

New Photos

FYI…new pictures of some band camp faces are now on the band web page under a new “photos” tab.  Just thought some of you might like to know.  There are many more pictures than I’ve posted on here. 🙂  More to come!

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