The Daikon Radish

The Daikon Radish

Yep, you heard me…daikon radish.  The first time I read those words, I thought it meant a small reddish  vegetable…I discovered with my first vegetable delivery from Gigi’s Organic Garden Club that this long white carrot-looking thing was in fact a DAIKON RADISH.  I’ve come across several interesting recipes–usually using it in cold salads.  Today, […]

The Final Graduation...for High School

The Final Graduation…for High School

Hunter Allen Black, Class of 2012….that’s my nephew.  I felt such a sense of pride in that boy tonight.  Not that I hadn’t felt the same pride when my own children graduated, or when his older brother and sister graduated.  It was just knowing that this was the final high school graduate to come from […]

Living With Intention

Living With Intention

What a challenge I have met in the book I am reading.  Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life:  Living the Wisdom of the Tao, by Wayne Dyer. I’ve spent the past several years trying to live my life with intention…of course, several things have cropped up along the way that I wasn’t choosing to include. […]

Loving those I have...

Loving those I have…

I think that today I’ll love my family a little more, appreciate my friends a little more, and humbly accept the gift of daily life.

Before this day is over…

Before this day is over, I hope I have managed to cook a nice meal for my family’s dinner PEI WEI CARRY OUT! washed, dried, and put away a load of laundry SURELY WE HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST ANOTHER DAY! figured out how to pacify a dog who scratches at his bowl all day FED […]

Happy is…

Finding fun in life is as easy as looking back to a birthday when I received gifts that probably weren’t terribly pricey but were obviously appreciated.  I think most of my life, I’ve had a smile on my face.     I wonder why we have to get so caught up in the seriousness of […]

Indiana, Kentucky or YOUR Team…It’s Just a Game!

It’s a game.  It is just a game.  Several years ago, Bernie had a friend who hated me because I liked Indiana basketball and Bobby Knight–in fact, the revelation that I loved IU was reason enough to have nothing to do with me.  Since converting to the love of  the Kentucky Wildcats, I have witnessed […]


My friends Emily and John are going to have a baby.  They are due in just a few days, and I find that in my excitement for them, I am also reliving some of the moments we experienced as new parents.  Some are so scary, while others are just so funny. Scary and funny:  Chip […]


I love basketball.  I mean, I pretty much  love everything about the sport.  I grew up watching Indiana and believing that Bobby Knight was the best coach around.  I was a kid, of course.  My daddy liked Bobby’s no-nonsense style and he laughed at his antics on the court sidelines.  As I grew up, I […]

The Human Body

I wonder about sickness.  I have been reading so much about Medical Meditation and the proven help it has been to so many people with different illnesses.  I have been reading about the body’s makeup and its ability to heal itself sometimes.  While I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I am also […]

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