Yesterday, Kindergarten and then…LIFE

I subbed in a kindergarten class the other day, and as I looked at the sweet faces of the very tired children (on the 22nd day of school they are practically still big preschoolers), I thought about how quickly life will move for them…how quickly life has moved for me. This morning, I pored over […]

Inflammation, Leaky Gut, Autism?

When I heard the parents talking about what was happening to their kids, I paid attention. It isn’t my job (ie paying gig) to share with everyone about food, body, health, wellness information, but it is what I feel strongly about doing… giving you the opportunity to hear and see the truths about the effects of foods on […]

Food Stamped

I’ve never been on Food Stamps. Many years ago, single, pregnant and alone in a big city, I had to get in line to get my block of butter and cheese, but even that was short-lived.  I’ve had to do without, but I’ve hardly ever had to wonder how I would get my next meal. We’ve […]

Maybe it would have been easier…

One thing I’ve learned over the past year, over and over, is that expectations lead to disappointment.  That is a statement worth listening to and embracing. Expectations lead to disappointment. I don’t say it to be negative.  I state it to remind myself to be realistic.  I am a ‘glass half full’ person.  In fact, […]

Revisiting Old Places, Old Faces

“When I think of them, I am suddenly that girl again.  I so don’t want to be that girl again.”   I grew up in a small town.  Growing up, I felt like it was such a small town that EVERYONE knew what I was doing.  I was a babysitter, worked at the local department […]

Smiling...It's Good for What Ails You!

Smiling…It’s Good for What Ails You!

How many times have people asked, “Why are you always smiling?”  In fact, that made me smile as I typed the words!  Have you tried it?  Smiling is a powerful tool for bringing joy to your heart–it is a mood changer! When we were growing up (actually, in high school), I remember my brother telling […]

Reprieve before the Reunion…and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Doesn’t the title say it all?  Tomorrow is my only day this week that I don’t HAVE to be somewhere–though there is somewhere I would like to be for part of the day, to support a friend of mine in her business endeavor–and I’m thrilled to be able to just stay in my home.  My […]

Life’s Terms

What are the terms of the agreement?  You know, the agreement of life.  Funny thing…I’ve looked through lots of papers, books, articles, and the Bible.  Yet, there are no real terms of agreement for life, are there? We are born.  We live.  We make choices.  We have joys.  We have sadness.  We celebrate.  We struggle. […]

Grandmother’s Interview

This will probably only really interest my family, extended and immediate.  Please enjoy Grandmother’s interview with the radio station in Marshall, Texas. Grandmother’s Interview


I’m learning about Qigong.  It is similar to Tai Chi, I think, but it is different than it.  That explains the different name, right?  I want to bring that peace into my very being that seems to come from practicing these postures.  It doesn’t replace meditation, though, but it really can add to the intentional […]

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