The Journey Home

It is grace that pulls out a chair for someone who has no other place to sit, to take a meal, to share fellowship, to feel safe and cared for. This chair is one of several that begs for someone to take a seat and sit a spell. It is in the Cafe’ at The […]

Watching Birds

Always, I have loved birds. I think they are amazingly beautiful creatures, creations. There is no accident in the way they were created.   The woodpecker in the first picture is different from the one in  the other photos.  This one has no red on his head, while the other does.  I’m sure there is an […]

Mouse One

I never would have thought a mouse would make me happy, but after two weeks of this craziness, I am beginning to have hope all because of a mouse. Finally, he wasn’t able to eat off of the trap and run–he is stuck. Thank you Sticky Pads.


God’s love is constant. I think that’s what amazes me the most. There is never any question as to whether God loves me or not. I am a fortunate child. Do my children feel so fortunate? Do I show them the same grace that my Heavenly Father continues to show me?Each Sunday, I speak to […]

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