Daddy’s Thoughts

I’ve shared stories before that my daddy left for us in a short book about his time in the Marines (1951-1953), and tonight I want to share one paragraph that just fills me with pride.  Pretty much, there isn’t anything about my daddy that hasn’t filled me with pride for the man he was. “Inchon, […]

Hippocrates and TED…

I spend a great deal of time reading about issues that affect health.  I talk to people all of the time about nutrition.  I have one friend who is great to bounce thoughts off of, and from her I’ve learned a lot–especially about the science of food.  I’ve made new friends who are interested in […]


When I said that one of the best things about my 30th Class Reunion was seeing Louis Ricco, it was the truth.  I’ve heard that he needs help to pay for his sweet mama’s burial expenses.  I’m going to do what I can, and I encourage you to do the same.  He is a precious […]

Today is Friday

Today is Friday

Mother’s Day was hard for many people, as Father’s Day has been for many years a reminder of the Daddy who is no longer with me. But today is Friday, and as I do every Friday, I am headed to have breakfast with my mother. My mother decided seven years ago to move to Murfreesboro […]

One Word

Do you believe that one word can make a difference for you, can change your whole day?  I’m going to give it a chance in my own life, and I encourage you to do the same. My cousin Nancy mentioned a good ‘mindfulness’ book to me, and I thought “I already own that book!”  How […]

My Journey of Health

That is Mary Anne Blake.  She has been practicing medicine for 27 years, and guess how long she has been my doctor?  27 years!  She is an amazing person and doctor, and I love her with everything in me.  She has been with me in some of the most difficult moments of my life, and […]

It’s Been So Long….

I found this, and I felt it was worth sharing.  Apparently, there are lots of people with pain… “I know how this works….you think you are better than others, and so you allow them to fall to your superiority. It’s a stupid game I’ve played for most of my life–the trying to make every group […]

The Saturday in Spokane began with a stop at Atticus, where I enjoyed a Raspberry Oat Bar and a great American!

Saturday in Spokane

  St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and I decided to spend the day exploring downtown Spokane.  I’ve been here for two weeks; surely there is more to see than I have seen.  So, I’ll add to this as my day goes along, but for now, I’ve started by parking in a garage and hitting the famed […]

Who Can Remain Quiet?

A couple of things about the event in Connecticut: I really appreciate all of the sweet things people are saying about the children lost in the Connecticut shooting, but why is everyone posting things just about the children?  Are the adults less valued because they weren’t cute kids?  It has really bothered me that almost […]

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