Life’s Just So Good!

 Last night was a mini-movie night.  But it was a wonderful night, no matter how small the group.  Sometimes, small is really good!  Want to see who was here? Chip and Chelsey… 🙂   Jacob and Rachel… 🙂   Daniel and Emily… 🙂 (Nice smile, Daniel) Today was a good day, too…Lots of Happy Birthday wishes… and then […]


If you have known me for more than a year, you know that I love birthdays!   I love my birthday, and I love other people’s birthdays.  I just think everyone should celbrate such a wonderful day!!  It is 12:39 a.m. and already I have received a birthday email card from Laura ( was a really […]

First Football Game!

It was a great first football game.  Even though we lost, it was SO much better than most of us thought it would be.   That’s how it looked early in the evening! So here are some of the pictures from tonight, but to see more of them, you’ll want to see the photo show.    […]

Charlie is Not a Cow…Summer End…School Begins

 So, as hard as it is to believe…Jacque and Tiffany are wrong…Charlie is not a cow.  He is a pretty cute dog!   Friday was great with band camp coming to a close..I love to see the performance on that Friday, as in only two weeks everyone has really come together to do something that […]

Last Day of Band Camp…Charlie Got a Haircut!

  Charlie got a haircut today…he looks so cute!  

New Photos

FYI…new pictures of some band camp faces are now on the band web page under a new “photos” tab.  Just thought some of you might like to know.  There are many more pictures than I’ve posted on here. 🙂  More to come!




Today, we officially welcomed Jill Sethness as our Youth Director.  She’s incredibly sweet and will be such a boostto our program, I just know.  God is so blessing us!!! I’m having problems posting photos…so, this is the best I can do.  We’re SO excited to have Jill here!!!


  More pictures of the youth group tomorrow!

Presenting Beth…

Look where we went tonight!  Yes, Beth was introduced into society, officially!  Oh, she was beautiful,and she was the belle of the ball as far as we were all concerned.  We sat with the other Chip’s parents,the Roane’s, (I’m  not sure I spelled it correctly), with the neighbor who practically raised Beth when she was […]

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