Weddings are wonderful, but especially when the wedding is that of someone you love.  Tonight was such a wedding–Meredith Heusinkveld and Andy Peck were married, and they are a sweet, sweet couple!  Want to see some pictures?  It’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of days–getting ready for the wedding.  Off to the beach […]

Happy Fourth!

   Oh, isn’t it the greatest thing to live in the United States?  Yes, it has its share of problems, but what a place to live while we’re here!  Of course, our real freedom comes in the faith and belief we have in Jesus Christ.  That’s REAL freedom!  Imagine how constrainedpeople must feel when they […]


This was in my mailbox this morning.  I thought it was great and wanted to share it.  Have a great day! Oh, and I LOVE my Sunday Night Youth Bible Study!  It’s not just for the kids–I’m getting as much out of it as they are.  They are an awesome bunch of kids, though,  and […]

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