Well, the week is almost over.  Can’t believe it!  Our church is working on a picture directory, and I’m working to finish up the last of the photo subjects today.  People are funny about their pictures–there are many who just don’t want to be in front of that camera.  Go figure.  The rest of the church will miss out when they don’t know what so-and-so looks like!

We took Melida to dinner on Monday night. We have a new club that Melida, Katherine and I decided to start–The Pink Flowered Flip Flop Club.  “PFFFC”  I mean, what could be more fun?

This is a premier photo from the PFFFC! 

  We took Carter Marie to Cool Springs on Tuesday. It was my first time to have those Dots that are really ice cream…dippin’ dots is the name, I think.  It was really fun–especially since I don’t have little girls at my house!

We registered at the elementary school, then swam at the Steele’s on Wednesday.  My piano lessons were Thursday, and David was hanging out with Parker all day and into the night…Parker C. was with Chip, and we all went to the movies that night.  I went with D & P to see I, Robot, and C & P.C. went to see Spiderman 2.  Both boys stayed over with us Thursday night, and I found out on Friday morning that P & D stayed up most of the night watching T.V. and playing video games–they wanted to set a new record.  Chip and I spent Friday afternoon at the church, signing people in for the photo sessions, while Parker hung out at David’s house. 

We learned that Parker’s homeroom teacher will be Lynne Stamps–a great teacher and a wonderful person.  All of the 6th grade teachers are good, though, and we would have gone where we were placed with a smile on our faces. 

So, today is Saturday, and it’s going to be a busy one, and a sad one.  I’m leaving shortly to pick up donuts to take to the Pattersons.  They are leaving late this morning for their new home in Mississippi.  It’s a sad thing for those left behind, though.  It’s our final farewell, and I know that we will miss them  sorely.
Chip is heading to the lake with the Richmond’s today.  I guess they’ll spend the night, though I would rather he be able to get back home tonight.  Tomorrow is Sunday, and I like having my family together on Sunday mornings.

Well, I’m off to pick up donuts for the Pattersons.  I’m SO sad to say this last farewell.  Please pray for them when you read this:  That they will have safety in their travels, peace in their new home, and joy in all that they do in Meridian, Mississippi. 

Have a great day, and remember to spend a little time talking to God today.  He’s just waiting to hear your sweet voice!


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  1. glad lifes going good Mrs.Steen!

  2. missbev says:

    I like that Neil Diamond album. My son performed one of his numbers at a variety shoe years ago…..Neil still dounds great to me.

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