Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that Chip was born 16 years ago this morning.  I remember the whole thing–the trip to the hospital when they started to induce labor because the contractions had started then stopped, and then they sent me home because the insurance company said I was a week early according to their calculations. It was devastating.  So, on November 24th, 1990, Bernie and I went back to the hospital, but this time they were forced to perform a c-section because of complications.  Chip came out the most beautiful baby!  I hardly saw him, though.  They whisked him away to NICU because his lungs weren’t clearing.  For three days, I had to go down to see him, to feed him.  Finally, he was healthy enough to leave, and his lungs have produced beautiful sounds ever since.  I remember my daddy going to see him as soon as they let anyone in.  He just marvelled over Chip.  He talked about his fingers and how long they were.  He said, “You’ll either play the piano or basketball.”  Chip was a great basketball player, and now he’s interested in learning to play the piano.  Seems Grandpa was right.  The funniest memory of the day, though NOT funny at the time, was that the nurse and Bernie had worked to tape Chip’s birth–most of it.  It was a beautiful moment to see Dr. Blake hold him up, kind of like they do in “The Lion King.”  Bernie brought the video to my room for me to watch, then went with my daddy to the NICU to see Chip for the first time since.  He videotaped Chip in the little bed, with the thousand wires hooked up to him, so I could see how beautiful he was.  After I watched the video, I rewound it so I could watch the birth again.  Low and behold, the tape stopped at the beginning of the NICU part.  Bernie had taped over Chip’s birth.  I was crushed, but he was so sorry that I didn’t want to make him feel any worse.  We have Chip, who is a beautiful person, full of God’s grace, and very healthy.  Beats any video, don’t you think?  Of course, two years later, we were in the very same delivery room, with the same doctor, and even the same nurses.  Bernie videotaped again, and now when we watch Parker’s wonderful birth, we know that Chip’s birth looked just the same.

Speaking of Parker’s birth, his birthday party was last Saturday night.  I didn’t show the video of his birth or any other videos of how cute he was as a little boy.  He would have died, wouldn’t he?  He, too, has grown into such a wonderful person, covered by God’s grace.  He never really knew my daddy too well, but he certainly had a relationship with him while Grandpa was alive.  I think my father would enjoy Parker so much, if he were still here.  He would love Parker’s sense of humor, and I think he would appreciate Parker’s sense of responsibility when it’s needed.  Mind you, Parker doesn’t show that responsibility factor any more than he has to, but when it kicks in, it’s great.  Parker’s entry into the world was so much easier than Chip’s.  He was healthy when he was born, was able to room in with me from the beginning, and challenged me in ways Chip never did.  Where Chip was content to hang out with me, Parker wanted to run.  We’ve been running ever since.  Both of my boys keep me on my toes and on my knees–in prayer.  Lord, you loved and knew the plan for Parker’s life before I met him.  I trust you to light his path.

So, Parker’s party…


100_5909 100_5907


Two wonderful boys, very expensive toys, bringing us such joys!  Thanks, Lord, for such a sweet life!

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  1. missbev says:

    Hi there……bet you thought I’d died…lol Happy birthday to both your boys…….time is flying by. Isn’t it a blessing to describe your boys and know that not everyone can make the same claims?!? By the way, that is a great profile pic!

  2. aww, Mrs. Steen you’re so wonderful! I love you!


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