Amazing Grace Designs Is For You!
When my kids were little, especially at their birthday parties, I always hoped someone was getting pictures of the event because I was busy with other details.  This has been true at school functions, family get-togethers, and parties with friends.  In the past 10-15 years, I have become the picture taker at all of the gatherings I’ve attended.  At school functions, at parties, at weddings, at simple lunches, I have always come with my camera.  In freely sharing my photos afterward, I have provided many parents and grandparents an idea of what their child or grandchild has been doing, I’ve provided friends and family with memories of wonderful times shared together, and I’ve managed to do it all without asking anyone for a penny.

In 2005, I formed my own company.  Susan B. Steen & Associates, dba Amazing Grace Designs.  My tagline:  “Bringing joy to your ordinary day” reflects my philosophy: Activities as mundane or frustrating as using a computer should be able to bring a smile to your face at some point.  Learning just a little about a computer and the basic programs will open a new world of adventures for many people.  Nothing frustrates me more when I’m trying to learn something than having the person helping me do it for me and say, “Did you get that?”  I want you to be able to do what you want to be able to do.  There is tremendous gratification for all parties when the lightbulb comes on!  

Through Amazing Grace Designs, I’ve not only been able to help people learn how to help themselves with their computers, but I’ve also designed and maintained web pages (companies and personal), and taken pictures in corporate and personal settings.  “Jack of all trades, master of none” might be appropriate, but I would prefer “Believer and Encourager of All You Desire to Do.”  Whether you need someone to believe in you, encourage you, or do for you (computer or photography), I am so pleased to help you enjoy part of your life.  Though I did this for years without asking to be paid, I was reminded by some of my dearest friends that I have value, and my services have value.  My friends believe that you need my help.  When you are given the tools to do something that just makes your heart sing, there’s a pretty good chance you are on the right path. 

  •  If you want to learn about the computer, I have great patience (every age is a great age to learn).  If you are needing photos of yourself for a resumé, I can help you get that taken care of affordably. 
  • If you have children and grandchildren home for a visit and wish someone would just be there to catch those precious moments, I would enjoy being a part of your visit and leaving you with many memories in photographs. 
  • Maybe you’d like a little web site to promote your self…that is an exciting and affordable endeavor–and you can put your photos right there on your site!  
  • If you need another person to help run your social media content, I’m your person! I enjoy the connection we can make with customers through all forms of social media!

It’s not really an expensive thing to have someone do these things for you. The possibilities are endless really. Call me or email me if you’d like to talk about your needs, and I’m certain that we can find a great solution. Remember, there is joy in the most ordinary of days. You just have to be willing to find it sometimes. I hope that you’ll allow me the privilege of helping you.

Susan B. Steen & Associates
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