Susan Black Steen is a web designer, photographer, writer and instructor of basic computer use and lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Married, with two adult children, two dogs and a cat, she is a down-to-earth personality bubbling with excitement for each project she encounters.

Mrs. Steen has been working in web design since the late 90’s and has helped numerous people reach customers and the general public through her affordable web design services, Amazing Grace Designs.

“Marketing your business is important to me.  We live in an age in which people are looking for inexpensive ways to reach potential clients, to share current information, and so much more.  It is exciting to work in a field that is changing and exploding through the use of social media and a web presence!”

When she is not working to promote businesses and charities, she can be found working quietly at the keyboard writing her most recent book, Awakening.  The final release date has not been set.  No matter where you find her, you can be sure a camera is never far from her reach.  She has been delighting families, students, athletes, and friends for years with her pictures of daily life.