PRELIMS!  We made it to the finals…a huge feat!

prelims-11 prelims-18
prelims-32 prelims-12
  prelims-24 prelims-34 

After finalists were announced, there was MUCH celebrating!  This is a Contest of Champions,
after all, and the competition to make it to the final 8 was tough!

prelims-49 prelims-60
prelims-54 prelims-53
prelims-52 prelims-50
prelims-48 prelims-72
prelims-65 prelims-59
prelims-63 prelims-73

prelims-87 prelims-82

It was Mr. Ken Crutcher’s 50th Birthday!!!  Happy Day!              Speaking of turning 50…just one week ago!
prelims-70 prelims-88

                                                                                                       A hard-working crew takes a break.

We head into finals…

finals-004 finals-005

finals-006 finals-009

finals-012 finals-010


finals-043 finals-046

finals-045 finals-054 

finals-074 finals-079

 finals-085 finals-087 

finals-092 finals-095  

finals-101 finals-105

finals-110 finals-111

    finals-121 finals-122


finals-141 finals-135

finals-130 finals-131

finals-106 finals-127 




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