Wow, band camp is just around the corner!  I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without updating, too.  I’m the one who’ll miss out, though, when I go to read what was going on, and I won’t know what happened for two entire weeks!

Audrey spent the day with us a couple of times recently, so I have some pics of her sweet self, and then there are photos from the first band function.  Enjoy!

 A Day With Audrey-27 A Day With Audrey-12 BandCampIntro2006-20BandCampIntro2006-12 BandCampIntro2006-13 BandCampIntro2006-18 BandCampIntro2006-10  BandCampIntro2006-24 BandCampIntro2006-15 BandCampIntro2006-23 hearnoseenospeakno copy BandCampIntro2006-42 BandCampIntro2006-39

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  1. aww. I love those people! I’m so happy band is starting up. And I love your new hair do.

  2. mrs steen!! glad you liked the hair! see ya at PRE CAMP!! 

    ohhhwheres those pics you promiced!!

  3. Cassi will not be doing band this year. I don’t think she enjoyed it. I do get to run with a flag! and I am very excited. See you soon mrs steen!

  4. Love the pictures, but sad to know that I won’t be in band this year! O well, I know it will still be fun for everybody!

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