Dear God, Thank you for making us each different from other people.  What a blessing it is to spend time with your most special children!  My day has been brightened by the outlook of those I spent the morning with—a Challenger League within the Optimist Baseball League here in town.  Emily Shacklett works with them every weekend, and our youth group went today to help.  What a great experience it was for all of us!  Most of our kids are anxious to go again next Saturday.  Thank you for allowing us this privilege of helping.  May we never forget how important even the least of these is to you and may we treat them with all the respect, love, and compassion they deserve.  Thank you, thank you, sweet Jesus!

A little stretching before they play!  Ann Elizabeth rolls Patrick into home!   Ryan makes it home–he’s safe! 

Morgan and Kate cheer on a runner……….Devon and Aurora pitch the ball for a bit……Joey is on the roll!

Janee and Kate with one of the smiling faces…  Chip gives a pat on the back to Tyler………Is he safe or out?
High fives abound!                                             Nicholas is full of smiles as he greets the youth group kids…

There we are, the CIA Youth….What an awesome day!


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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    aww I feel so bad I didn’t go…. I competely forgot!!!!… omg… mrs susan! I feel terrible!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ryan is my bud! He so sweet at school! He calls me Anga! Se u Friday !

                    luv anna

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