Chip received the Performance Award for the trumpet section of the SMS band.  We were surprised and proud!
Bernie and I ate with the Millwoods last night—Brad is a good chef, which gave me time to visit with Carolyn and Audrey–even Bernie knows how sweet Audrey is to cuddle with.  We had a great time!

Parker and I were at LBL last week, which is why I didn’t update until now.  The kids really had a great trip–the weather was beautiful, which made it extra nice.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle             In the gift shop
Parker’s group’s shelter in the woods                                        Some of the smiling faces.
Mike and David…nice pic!                                                        Baby birds!

French Braiding Hair was the biggest activity on our last morning at LBL.  What a cute bunch of girls!

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  1. mackenziem says:

    thanx miss susan for your comment! it made me feel better and helped me to rember God knows the big picture!



  2. me132 says:

    Mrs Susan!!!!….i havent seen you in what feels like forever!!!!!…hopefully i will see you tonight!….

    it looks like you guys had fun at LBL….

    love, Taylor

  3. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen!!!! i haven’t gotten to see you in forever!!!! i’m so proud of chip!!! he’s going be a freshman next year! that’s crazy!! you’re such a sweetheart and everytime you talk to me i just love that great big smile!!!! be seeing you soon- can’t believe band camp’s going to be so soon-the school year flew by!! <3<3 emily

  4. i miss you too! well im happy that you had a fun time at LBL..i wish i could have went to it when i was in 6th grade! how are you doing? i havent talked to you in a while! well..i think i know what you are talking about in my xanga comment..if so..nothing has even happend with that guy.. i just miss him because i havent talked to him in so long since hes been grounded! well i hope you have a great week! thank you so much for the prayers..and im still praying for you everyday!love you miss susan!!!!!

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