Just got back from the Women’s Retreat…it was really nice.  Here are some of the pics…

Me, Susan Y., Sandy C., Martha                                              Judy…always using her hands to talk! 
Kim and Allison                                                        Jennifer, Laura, Marilyn, Katherine…what a crew to travel together!

Judy and Marti…really concentrating..Breath Prayers!!!

We had so much fun!  I love prayer, and to spend an entire morning talking about it and prayig…well, it’s just awesome!

Our friend Charlie Carwell died Friday morning…only 22 years old…Please pray for his family to be comforted.  I am so sad for his mom, Sallie.  She has been like a sister to Bernie for so many years. 

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  1. spankee0991 says:

    Man what a rough time it has been for you and others who knew the people who died.  There are times for mourning deaths, but with all this stress ( if your having any) i think you should have a very happy new week to try and forget bout what has been happening. 

    Just some thoughts,  Christian

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey Mrs. Steen !! oh my goodness !! i havent talked to you in like a long time !! its great to just sit here and write to you !!  well i just wanted to tell you that i hope that you have an amazing day .. even though its raining ! =(  .. love always … .::*beth*::.

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