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Ruthie was my cousin.  She was found dead last night by her older brother.  She was 45.  My heart aches.  She had trouble after trouble in her life.  I pray that God’s mercy was not lost on her…that she understood how much He loved her.  I feel so sad.

Youth group went really well last night.  No one ever asks questions, and the night I’m leading, I get questions.  Go figure.  It was awesome, though, because I think someone really needed to hear the answers I gave, if not the person asking the questions.  I prayed that God would allow my words to flow and to minister to the kids, and I pray that even now the things I said were God’s words that will stay in the heads and hearts of those teens who I love so much.  You know, if you’ve done things with a guy/girl, you’ve never gone so far that you can’t turn back. God is so full of forgiveness for His children and can make you clean…as pure as snow.  (Snow used to be very pure!) 

It’s easy to beat up on yourself when you screw up, isn’t it?  DON’T!  Just decide that you’ll do things differently from now on.  Come up with a plan to help yourself do things differently.  Call me, and I’ll help you come up with a plan.  But for goodness sake, don’t keep screwing up…there is so much good waiting for you in life.

Have a great week!

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  1. I was so happy to see you on Saturday too ( i dont know who wouldn’t be happy to see you- your such a great person!) The cake was so good!haha I’m over at Ben’s house all the time because his sister Lauren is a really good friend of mine. I’m usually there every weekend and i’m pretty much part of their family haha!I’m very sorry about your loss.I will pray for you and your family.Now the guy on my xanga..i dont know i was defending one of my friends that says something he shouldnt have said and went back and changed stuff on his xanga because he knew it wasnt right. Then the macke guy went on my xanga and called me racist because I was defending my friend and also because im one of Gods children and because I believe in God and am a witness to Jesus. but i dont know if some guy is going to go around calling me stuff that he shouldnt call someone that he doesnt know and if hes not for God (although i wish i could change that) then i dont really want to waste my time with him. Thank you though for talking to him. I really appreciate it!Well i hope you have a great day and I hope that the things with your cousin get better. I’ll be praying for you!!!


  2. haha no thanks ive already got some!!! i love this song!well ill talk to you later! have a great day!


  3. reconcevoir says:

    awe, I am so sorry about your cousin. :[.. I hope everything is okay, and that she is in a better place now

    Jay started throwing up at around 11 PM Thursday night, and it got to a point where it was every 5 minutes and he complained that his side hurts. And, Jay NEVER complains, about anything. So, when he was complaining about his side we knew it was something bad. So at 4 o’clock Friday morning my mom wakes me up and asks if I want to go to take Jay to the emergency room, and I went. The doctors weren’t sure if it was apendicitus or what without a catscan, but Jay couldn’t keep the Barium down so they went ahead and did the catscan with what Barium he could keep down, and it turns out he had two kidney stones, and one was so big they didn’t really need the barium to see it! Crazy.. a 12 year old with kidney stones?! Anyways, he’s okay now and has his opperation in about 2 weeks I believe. Hope you have a wonderful day tommorrow! And that today somehow gets better!


  4. imforsqaures says:

    ^^she about made me have a heart attack when she told me that!

    thank you so much Ms. Steen, you make me smile when you say things like that. You’ve got to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I love seeing you in the morning, you always give me the biggest smile :]

    I’m so sorry about your cousin =[ I’ll be praying for you. Claire’s right, she is in a muchh better place.

    Have an awesome day!

  5. ME_KG says:

    miss susan!  im sorry to hear about your cousin!  She will be on my prayer list!! 

  6. macke says:

    picasso, my bad.

  7. well yes he is going through a bad time..but im happy he’s got God in his life. He prays more than ever and he is a great friend of mine but many people are praying for him if you look on his xanga and he’s praying for himself and i’m praying for him too.

    Have an awesome day!!!!!


  8. carrie665 says:

    Woah! My 6 year old cousin just was found with Kidney Stones on Saturday. Crazy stuff.

  9. hey!!thank you so much for talking to me about that stuff..it really helped!and im VERY glad that i can talk to you about anything!i know i have told you this before but you are like an angel on earth!i love you too!

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