Whew, being a mom and keeping my mouth shut sometimes is a tough combination.  I watch how you kids treat each other sometimes, and I’m just fit to be tied.  Don’t you know that people have feelings and can be hurt?  Surely, that’s not your goal—to see if you can hurt someone through your words about them.  If you’re reading this and you have been talking about someone unkindly, I pray that the your spirit is grieved so that you will not continue.  You never know who hears what you say to other kids.  Be careful and be kind.

OK, on to other things.  Tennis team plays today and tomorrow.  Three in a week is a lot of time!  But, it’s all good because it will give me time with Audrey.  She is just so precious!  I will take my camera and get some pics today—you can see our very cool tennis team.

Pray for our friend Bill, for Melida’s mother, and for Bob.  They all need to have God’s comforting hand touching them.  Thanks.

Oh, this song…it’s the one I’ve been dancing to…now everytime my xanga’s up, I can practice a step or two.  The only problem is that I can’t always remember all of the steps.  Pray for my brain!  God is faithful, you know.

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