I updated last night, but it all went away when I pushed the button to finish.  So, here I go again.  I’m really bothered tonight about stuff that wasn’t on my mind much last night.  Why do girls or guys keep going out with someone if they’re wanting to flirt with everyone else?  Doesn’t that seem a little cheap and cruel?  Definitely, it’s not What Jesus Would Do, is it?

OK, back to last night…yes, even old people have sex…how else could the oldest lady to give birth have been like 60 or 70 years old?  Yeah, I know, I thought it was kind of gross to think about when I was your age, too.  Well, the sex discussion at youth group has been great fun, but I also hope you are all learning some valuable things at the same time.  I loved Joe’s analogy for waiting until marriage to have sex.  I’ll put it on here later for those of you not in our youth group.  It was funny, but oh so true!

Here’s my sweet Melissa with me last night…we almost look like twins, except that I’m a little older…ok, a lot older!  But I love watching God work in the girls’ lives!  Well, I guess I’ll have to post the pic another time–it says the XANGA team is working on images right now. 

I need to go.  Chip played great at the tennis match today.  Parker and Chip are both in an X-box free world right now, and I’m thrilled.  It’s not gone forever, but the county schools do get report cards tomorrow…Actually, both boys just need to focus more on the important things.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I dont think we have meet yet, but Kallie, Melissa, and Courtney are my best friends in like the whole world and Ive heard them mention you several times! lol.  Im also on the tennis team w/ Chip sooo.. I thought Id stop by and leave you a comment! I hope your having a great day! ~Erin

  2. carrie665 says:


    No, I don’t play tennis. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play. I go to the matches to support my buddy Rob Hurst, as well as Erin and Kate Walrath.

    I hope to see you at a few more of em! Hopefully they’ll start givin us some slack at school!

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