Are you all thrilled to be back in school?  I know that Chip and Parker would rather be doing other things, but I think they also like getting to see their friends. 

My thoughts right now go with the Bible Study I’m in, and we’re talking about judging people.  You know, Scripture says that if we judge another person’s actions we are really condemning ourselves.  I’ve tried to think about times we all find ourselves judging others, when we really don’t know the whole story.  Even when we think we know all of it, we can’t know a person’s heart—so judging has to be left to God.  We can say that what a person did was a good or bad choice, but that doesn’t make the person good or bad.  What do you think about it?  How does it feel when someone has judged you and you know they are wrong?

Have a great week!

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  1. im not real excited 2 be back in school!!! except that guard tryouts are in i think 13 days and we only have like 6 weeks of school left!!!

  2. Aww…. MRs.Steen! Thanks sooo mcuh for my comment.. it made my day ten times better! So… How is everything going for you? Me…Well Central is sure differnt from Siegel! I am kinda having a tough time with all of the people who dont except me for who i am…. bUt i can’t please eVeRyBoDy! LOL well jsut wanted to leave you a HeY! and to tell you i LoVe YoU! <3 aLLISON

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