It’s just after midnight, Sunday night/Monday morning.  Am I ever glad that tomorrow is a new day, and that God’s grace is sufficient!  I didn’t handle my emotions very well today—very out of character, but it happened, nonetheless.  I feel a little blue…probably because I need some sleep desperately. 

Lord, I do not quite understand the relationship of the Catholic people to the Pope, but I am saddened for their loss.  I wonder what it’s like in heaven for someone of his stature here on earth.  The least of us will be first, and I am guessing that a Pope is a pretty humble person. They are talking of making him a saint—can you imagine a person of that level?  They are saying that he was a man of integrity, with a deep love of Jesus.  Isn’t that awesome! 

Brad and Chip could be chefs—great with bacon, and I’m sure they have many other cooking skills.

Have a good Monday.  I’ll be feeling sunnier when I’ve had some rest, I’m sure.  I have a wonderful family–husband, kids—and they can love me through anything!

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