EDIT:  Kentucky just lost in double overtime.  They have had an amazing year, and next year is bound to be better, but it will be without my favorite player…CHUCK HAYES.  I am sad.

As I’ve been downloading the pictures onto the computer and uploading them to xanga, I’ve been watching the end of the Kentucky/Michigan State game.  I’m believing KY can pull this out.  I’ll know before I’ve finished updating…Starbucks was awesome—wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Starbucks Girls…Kallie, Allie, Courtney, Emily                    Christie, Emily, Stephanie……                  We have some good-looking flip-flops, don’t we?

           Allie has a beautiful smile—-and a great haircut!     Pondering….what were our highs this week?                                                  Well, let’s smile while we ponder!

Need bouncers?  Kallie and Courtney are your girls…………………….Well, Steph and Christie just bage right in!

                    Annie and Ali…trying out new fashion flair…..             Courtney, the proclaimed Starbucks Queen! 

Skills…lots of the girls have them…Kallie’s skills are intersting–makes her look like an old woman.  Courtney can flare her nostrils and make the glasses move up and down…Do you have skills?

Taylor has traffic directing skills, while Steph has awesome driving skills…   Christie is ALWAYS the fashion plate–dig the purse!

It was a great day!  Thanks for being so much fun!

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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    awww I had sooo much fun!!!

  2. Sproing2535 says:

    ooh thanks mrs susan… thats lovely of me!… haha not!… i really really dont like me hair… i like a lot better when its long…. i dont know why… well i had fun today… thanks again! i love you mrs susan!! have a great week!

  3. Anonymous says:

    starbucks was awesome! i have a great time today! i like the pictures!

  4. ME_KG says:

    i had alot of fun today! thank you for the drink!  Have a Happy Easter!

  5. The_DMac says:

    Hope you had a great Easter.

  6. EvilRedHead says:

    Wow, Startbucks was amazing! and the company . . . could it get any better? you’re so cool Mrs. Susan! I love your fashion sense, too.  and if you ever want to borrow that purse or my black one that is just like it, feel free!


  7. embolie13 says:

    mrs. susan!!! i absolutely love you to death!! you always make me smile and feel so special when you talk to me!!! you’re the coolest!!! <3 emily

  8. missbev says:

    What great pictures…..looks like fun was had by all. Sorry that KY lost the game! It was a great game though. Chuck Hayes is a consumate gentleman!

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