I’ll be at Starbucks, for any of the youth group girls who are coming, around 3:30.  I cannot tell a lie.  Kentucky plays at 4:05, and I’d like to get home in time to at least see the second half.  Don’t think I’m awful…I’m just a fan. 

I’m excited to hear the music at church tomorrow—Chip is playing trumpet with Andrew, and Bernie is singing with the choir.  Is there anything greater than praising God on Easter morning?  Oh, glory!  We are so lucky to live where we do.

Well, I must get back to whatever I’m supposed to be doing.  See you soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hay this is barrett summar.

  2. SteelHorse38 says:

    sorry bout that i left ye a commint on the wrong name heres the right one.

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