Tuesday…dance class.  I think my friends also went last night, so I’ll be behind again, but it’s ok.  I’ve been practicing what I can remember, but how do you practice if you can’t remember how the steps go?  Even Emily and Emily were trying to help me with shuffle and flap!
Youth group was the best on Sunday.  It’s one of my greatest highlights–truly.  I so appreciate all that you girls share.  I just wish we could sit for an hour or two, and I could just listen to you talk. 

I hear so many of you talking…I hear confusion, pain, joy, frustration.  I praise God for each of you. Thank you for all you share with me through Xanga, through conversations when I see you out and about.  May your week be full of joy, even when things are hard.  Always, ask God to give you his joy. 

Here’s my question of the day:  If you know a friend, or even someone who was a friend earlier in your life, is heading down the wrong path, do you say something to them?  If so, what do you say?  If not, why not?

Tomorrow, many of the girls will be trying out for cheerleader at the high school, and the girls for the middle school cheer squad will try out Thursday.  I’ll be praying that all of you do well, and that you only make it if that’s what is best for you.  Siegel Middle Tennis plays their first match tomorrow against Smyrna Middle.  Go Siegel! Yes, Ben knocked Chip out of first seed, but that really is a good thing for Chip—much less pressure if the other teams happen to have one phenomenal player—their first seed!

Parker is home this week on break…wonder what we’ll do????

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  1. carrie665 says:

    I think I’m comin to the tennis match if the weather is not to bad.! I’m excited!! I’m goin cuz i know Rob Hurst, Kate Walrath, and Erin Dyer! Chip now! Awesomeness.’


  2. Anonymous says:

    youth group was awesome on sunday!! i love you miss susan!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s awesome that you have a xanga!

    Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog. Don’t worry, I wasn’t actually as worried about singing as I let on.

    I didn’t know you danced! I’ve been dancing for a long time – I love it! Where do you take lessons?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mrs. Steen !! wow you are so awesome ! anyways.. i am so so so so so so so nervous about try-outs tomorrow !! uughh ! i know the dance and cheer like perfectly ! and we had to make up our own chant ! crazy crazy crazy.. anyways.. yeah i did that too !! lol .. wow but just pray that we all do well on this !! PlEaSe.. lol well i have to go finish my homework so i guess that i will just talk to you later ! AlRiGhTy! bYe ! .:*bEtH*:.

  5. MeLeeSa523 says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Woah I didn’t know you were at the Dancer’s School! That’s where I take! Don’t you love Mrs. Jimmi Lou?

    Both Caro AND my mom are enjoying her spring break. I think they needed a break from homework, tests, AR, etc.

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