The birthday lunch was fun.  There is nothing like being with friends!  Can you guess how old they are?

I have lovely friends!  The three in the picture were all with me at the Siegel High basketball game last night, too.  I wish I had taken pictures there of the Siegel cheering section.  Every school should have an enthusiastic student section.  I feel sorry for teams who have limited supporters—it would be so discouraging!  I saw Emily L. and Annie D. last night…Allie says she was there, but I never got to see her.  Carter Troutt looked great—a silvery face and big red spikey things on his head (you know the fun snow hat I’m talking about?).  It was lots of fun. Saw lots of my sweet SMS and ESE friends, too.  It was a lot of fun—but I was so sorry Siegel lost.  What an awesome season, though!

Chip, Grant and Christian stayed up late playing X-box.  Actually, later than they were supposed to.  Guess Chip won’t have to worry about too much playing time today.  Parker had to go on to bed because he’s going to spend the day at the Percussion Festival.  I guess I better wake him up shortly.  Bernie’s home, and it’s so nice having him here.  I think his meeting was informative, which is a good thing.  I’m going to get Parker moving, pick up some donuts, and take a nap.  Kentucky plays tonight, as does Western Kentucky (NCAA and NIT, respectively).  Better rest up so I can stay awake!

Have a great Saturday—Audrey gets baptized tomorrow!  Oh, here are pictures of the boys with Audrey..Isn’t she the cutest! 

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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    the song is Kiss the Rain, but I dont know who its by.. sorry

  2. HEY GUESS WHAT!! the lady in the middle is 45!! hehehehe ITS ON HER BIRTHDAY CAKE! lol thats a good one

  3. MeLeeSa523 says:

    MISS SUSAN!!! My music is Summer Daydreams and i dont know who it is by…but the website is …  that is where allie got hers too. I didnt go to the game. I had a fun time going to dinner with the girls! It sounds like you had fun with your friends too! I will see you tomorrow! Bye Miss Susan! Love, *Melissa*

  4. missbev says:

    I’m really impressed with the Seigel Basketball program. Do you realize how rare it is to be playing in the State Tournament as a second year school?!? I’m sorry that they lost. One of my closest friend’s granddaughter is named Audrey……..yours has an infectious smile!

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