Sunday…the Cats lost in the SEC final game…Parker went with the kids from church to Boulevard Terrace and had an awesome time…Chip slept all morning…shame on him, but he was really tired.

YOUTH GROUP…Awesome tonight!!  I love our girls…they are really the best!!!
Happy 18th Birthday to Stephanie—-I can’t believe I forgot to call you this weekend.  I’m sorry, but I love you!
SEX…what a thing to talk about at church, but what better place to hear the truths about sex instead of the lies that so many people in the world want you to believe.  Bring it on…whatever you need to ask or discuss, we can handle it. 

Have a great week…anything I can have our moms group pray about this week?  (School or home related)  We pray every Monday morning for you kids, and I believe that it makes a difference. 


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  1. i was goanna be there tonite… but i had this big english project thats due tomorrow!! and i had to finish it!! i will be there next sunday i hope!!! much love~~ annie

  2. missbev says:

    And the loss cost the Cats a #1 seed! I love March Madness! I plan to see a bunch of games and get some Scrapbooking done at the same time as well.

  3. TlDkHaNdSuM says:

    hey  Mrs. Steen

    well thanks 4 the comment! lol the almost wreck was so scarey! i was like AHHH! lol but i am ok! well neways that gurl well she wasnt worth it lol i laughed really @ how mad she got! well hope u have a GREAT day and thanks 4 the comment!


  4. Sproing2535 says:

    i learned alot last night… probably a little more than i wanted to know about animals mating… but ok… its good to be at a church.. where you feel welcome and wanted, and you actually know more than half of the people who are in the youth group…. ive had fun there! have a great week!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Susan,

     Wow. thanks. i am not sure how i am going to get throught this. my parents divorce, my moms boyfriends, my back stabbing family, i dont know. sometimes i just feel like my world is *falling* down on me. im sorry. i love natalie but idk im just not sure whats going on in my head. to many things i do know that. and i cant sort them all out. i would love to have youre advice anytime! please! and trust me.. i dont do anything bad. haha please dont think that. because the only thing i have done is like kissed or whatever. im sorry thats just weird telling one of my friends moms. well you are awesome. lovvvee you!

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