My condolences to you UT fans, but…GO CATS!

God has given you all such tender hearts.  I was wanting to talk to you about when YOU feel rejected, and you were concerned about ME.  How nice of you to be concerned about how I’m feeling.  Maybe I needed your “hugs” and I just didn’t realize it.  Thanks!

Chip, Beth, Kate D., Christian T., Rachel T., and Ben went to lunch at Steak and Shake, courtesy of Kate’s mom after school yesterday.  They hung out at Kate’s for quite a while, and then Chip and Ben headed down here. 

Parker went with David’s church group to Laser Chase, or one of the laser places.  They got home around ten, right about the time we did.  And where were we, you ask?….

Chip and his friends won a Halo Tournament last night, and he’s twenty dollars richer.  Can you believe that?  Getting money for having playing!  Go figure.  Of course, that’s what we all hope to do in our jobs—get paid for doing something we enjoy.   

It’s a beautiful day outside!  I can’t wait to go out there and do anything.  I’ve already gotten my allergy medicine going, so maybe I can enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air…oh, and I can open the windows.  Yes, it’s looking like a good day!

My friends at Blackman are putting on GREASE, the ones at Siegel are putting on M.A.S.H.—Maybe I can catch a matinee or tonight’s performance.  It would help if I had schedules of all of these ahead of time, of course.  I love to see you kids performing.

Well, I’m off to Donut Country–have already called in the boys’ order.  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Grease at 7 tonight and 2 on Sunday, I think MASH is the same schedule, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to see it. I can at least tell you that Grease is amazing and all the cast has put in a lot of work (and I’m not bragging, because I’m just the guitar player).

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