FuLAP, fulap, fulap.  That’s what my feet were supposed to be doing this morning at tap class.  I’m not sure I did as well as my friends, but Jimmie Lou thinks there’s hope for me.  So, I shall persevere.

Please pray for my friends who are having troubles at home…God knows who they are, so you can just pray.  Pray for parents who forget that their first responsibility is to provide a safe and loving home for their children.  Please, pray these things.

And now, I must figure out a time to practice…Stomp, hop, heel, heel, fl-ap ball change…see ya!

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  1. MeLeeSa523 says:

    Mrs. Susan!!! You are awesome! i cant wait to see you!!!! love you*melissa*

  2. me132 says:

    i agree with melissa..you are definately awesome and you always brighten my day!..love you~taylor

  3. MeLeeSa523 says:

    no no mrs susan! YOU’RE awesome!

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