I agree with all of you…this is just a great song!  Every time I hear it, I have to stop and consider how amazing it is that God cares so much about me!  This morning, I was thinking about an age-old question…“Why  do we have to go to church?”  In fact, I hear that question frequently.  There are many reasons that people should go to church: 
1)We need the fellowship of other Christians, and God made us for relationship
2) It’s something to do other than sit at home and watch television
3) If you need new friends, a church is a great place to meet people of all different ages
Well, the list could go on and on (as a mom, I’m great with coming up with reasons), but there is only one reason that I need to be at church worshiping God on Sunday, and it goes for all of us…
God comes to my house EVERY day.  Is it too much to ask of me to spend a few hours at HIS house once a week? 
I think there is something special about going to HIS house.  Think about when you have company coming over…you clean things up a bit, you want them to like it so they’ll come back, they feel closer to you because they’ve been to your house.  I don’t think it’s any different with God.  I know that going to HIS house means I’m not distracted by the laundry, the phone, the tv, the kids…no, I’m still distracted by my kids :)…it means I am really listening to HIS voice for a few short hours, sometimes only an hour. 
So, now do you see what I mean?  I don’t always like everything about my church, and have been known to disagree quite vocally with things going on within those walls.  Now, all that said…yes, I do occasionally stay home with the boys (Bernie is always singing in choir) and have our own service here at home.  It’s really nice, the boys read scripture, we all sing a song, and I have a short sermonette for them.  Sometimes, that seems so great that we could easily do it every week.  But you know what, staying here would keep us away from a lot of wonderful people who challenge us to be better Christians. 

We go to First Presbyterian Church.  It’s on the corner of Spring and College downtown.  Feel free to join us, or call and I’ll pick you up on my way.  Wherever you are, please stop to praise God for being omnipresent…everywhere…and thank him for whatever ways you’ve seen him working in your life or the life of someone you love.  Confess to him all of the mess-ups you’ve made, and then ask him whatever is on your heart.  Oh, you are a child of the most high God—he wants to give you the desires of your heart, as long as they are in line with his will.  With God, your life will never be boring again!
I love all of you so much, with a love that sometimes makes my heart almost burst.  Have a wonderful day.

Edit:  Parker and his friends went to the Junior Cotillion Ball today.  Here they are!Parker’s the 3rd one from the bottom on the right

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