Wow!  March is here–can you believe it?  I just watched the neatest story on the news.  They’re talking about a guy who used to be in trouble a lot and is now Student Body President.  That’s sure something to think about, and to take notice.  Some of the kids who we think of as “TROUBLE” really could do a big turnaround.  Have you seen kids who have already made big changes?  Of course, the reverse happens, too–kids who used to be really great suddenly turn into the “BAD” kids.  It’s all about feeling like you fit in somewhere, isn’t it?  I was a really good girl most of my life, but for a year in high school I desperately needed to feel like I belonged somewhere, and it didn’t turn out to be a good group.  Thank God that He pulled me out of there, and my senior year was awesome.  Oh, please pray for your friends who have chosen the “wrong” group—take a chance to make a difference for them, and reach out to them.  Be a friend.

Bernie and I saw “Man of the House” last night—it was really good.  We knew nothing about it, but it still had tickets available when we got there.  We took Chip and Beth, and they saw “Hitch.”  I think they liked it.  Alex R. met them there and rode with us to take Beth home.  Chip and Beth are definitely a very cute couple and seem to enjoy being together.  We’ll have to let Beth borrow our Napoleon Dynamite, though, or she’ll think Bernie and Chip are just goofy!   I got to meet Beth’s mom, Leah, and she and I have an awful lot in common.  She loves the Lord—that was evident.  Oh, do you want to see how cute they are? 

Have a great weekend.  Oh, our youth group starts a series on SEX….if you need to learn about it, with a Christian perspective, please join us.  We eat dinner at 5:30 and start the discussion at 6:00.  Let me know if you want to come! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Mrs. Steen ! wow you are so awesome! Thank You so much for takin us last night to the movies .. We had fun !! I think that Chip and I were both kinda nervous lol .. i guess that everyone is on their first date! yah know ? I hope that we can do that again ! My Mom thought that you were so great ! Actually, she thought that yalls whole family was awesome. well im going to go cause i am so tired . i think that i will write in my xanga then go lay down.. ( i just got back from tumbling ) whoo! what a work-out today ! Bye Mrs. Steen ! God Bless You! …………………..    .: *bEtH* :.   ……………………………..

  2. mrs susan!!! this is annie!!! im prob commin 2 youth this week!!! i jus thought i would say hi!!! and i hope your trip 2 california(i think) was awsome!!!! have a great day!!! <3 annie

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi im ellen ive never met u before i went to one of my frined’s sites and i got your site off her subscription list and i just want u to know i really lik your song and your site and u seem like a really good person!!! in Christian love~Ellen Williams~

  4. TlDkHaNdSuM says:

    hey Mrs. Steen!

    wat u wrote today made me think of all my friends that don’t do the right things. I used to hangout with alot of ppl like that and I used 2 do the things they did  but it all changed when i went 2 church with Rachel Hobson and some other ppl! well i’m glad u got away for awhile from everything going on here lol well i’m sure it looks so nice there. i like ur site by the way it is so BRIGHT! it suits u so GREAT! and it is really springy! lol well i like ur pic. 2! u look so good n it! and the pic of chip and beth is really good 2! beth and i r really good friends she sits n front of me n science! well i have 2 go i will talk 2 u sometime soon i hope! when i am online we should talk lol! bye bye


  5. Hey Mrs. Steen! you are such a great person and i am so glad i have some one to talk to whenever i need one! we are all blessed 2 have you because you are so great!!!Chip and Beth are sooo cute together!!!

    *God Bless*


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mrs. Steen! Just thought I’d stop by and say hey! Chip and Beth are soo cute! They are lucky to have each other! Well.. I’ll talk to you later!

    Never stop smilling! : )

     In Christ

  7. spankee0991 says:

    WOW……You have to be the coolest mom alive!!!  Havin your own xanga and all.  oya Sunday i am coming with yall to church =).  My family used to go to church, but i guess we dont have time anymore or something odd…..well ya nice xanga.  I guess seeing hitch wasnt such a bad idea since it does give boys all those tips bout girls and all. lol. Your song is cool too I keep your site up to listen to it while i am doing stuffs.  Right now i am keepin Chip under control and makin him do his work lol. Jus kiddin he is doing fine (as far as i know). then again who doesnt do bad in McTigues class.  Well i dont know what to expect bout this sex class thingy but i guess i will find out tomorrow.

                       Your second son, Christian!!

  8. spankee0991 says:

    I am older than Parker thats why i am second lol. Or maybe i have to be third…..=( 


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