What a day!  I’ve been sick the past couple of days and am worn out with everything.  I’m tired, and I’m pretty sure my kids think I should go to bed.  Chip was at Oakland all day with Honor Band, and he’ll go back in the morning.  Their concert is at 2:30—you should come hear them!

How are you all doing with your weekend?  I’m anxious to see pics from people getting pied and egged at SMS today.  Sorry Chip had to miss that!  I’m sure lots of you went to the movies tonight.  I hope you are smart…stay at the theater and watch the movie.  There will be plenty of time in life for doing otherthings.  There have been problems at the movie theater with people in the parking lot—I’d hat to see any of you get caught in the “line of fire.”  I know a lot of the high school kids like to get together at someone’s house and watch movies—much better and less expensive. 

“Gargoyles” is on right now.  I can remember when the boys were little…we LOVED watching that show.  Bernie and I are reliving early parenthood right now, I suppose.  Actually, this is a good time to go to bed. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i found you’re xanga through a line of people.its really kool. keep helping others and remember god loves you!

  2. mackenziem says:

    hey mrs. steen!

    this is mackenzie mattingly!! well jeremy was busy w/ honor band all today so i will see you at the concert tomorrow!!! have a great weekend!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw that you had commented at my daughter’s site (Becca Williams) and was so happy to see another adult in the XANGA community. I LOVE the song you have on your site as well. (Who am I by Casting Crowns, right?) It is a great way to keep tabs on the things going on in our children’s world … Hope you feel better soon. I just got done being sick myself … it isn’t any fun! Have a great weekend.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs. steen.. i hope that you feel better .. i know how it feels . i just got over bronchitis !! uughh !! its the worst thing that has ever happened to me! LoL well chip told me about yall going to California !! WOW !  I bet yall are going to have tons of fun there ! i have always wanted to go to California ! lol … God Bless Yall !! you are so awesome Mrs. Steen ! …~*bEtH*`~

  5. Anonymous says:

    hEy! thIs is KimbeRLY CARRELL! U know Mark CArrells daughter. i saw ur site on natile’s site and i thought id stop by! i like ur site! well just wanted to stop by and say hi! well g2g!ttyl8ter! God Bless!


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