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OK, I need to talk to my teen friends.  Picture this…A Coca Cola bottle.  Let’s say one of you has a coke and a friend asks if they can have a sip.  You say, “sure” and it’s just your two germs.  Then another friend asks for a drink, and you give them your bottle.  While they have it, someone else takes a swig.  Then, it’s handed back to you.  You’re really thirsty, but as you look in the bottle, you see gunk sinking to the bottom.  Obviously, one of the “friends” let some of their backwash in the bottle.  Now, what will you do?  Will you go ahead and drink it?  Probably not–I’ve seen lots of you get grossed out by things much less yucky than that.  But the truth is, many of you ARE choosing to drink that drink.

I’m so blessed that God has given me a relationship with you all, and I can’t sit back quietly when I know you aren’t being safe.   Going to your parents isn’t what I choose to do, though if I thought it would make a difference I would.  Some of you are under the impression that “Hooking Up”–a one-night stand in my day, is the way to go.  Just make out with some guy or some girl and then move on to another one.  No, you aren’t going so far as to have intercourse, but you’re doing lots of other things.  What you don’t realize is that when you “hook up” with someone you don’t know very well, you’re risking being physically hurt, as well as risking contracting  a number of diseases.  Letting a guy/girl you know well, or don’t know at all, convince you to do things is wrong on many levels.  No matter what you’ve done up until now, please make a choice today to stop doing it.  Decide that you are worth more than being a piece of meat to another person.  Why would you open your most intimate areas up to someone who doesn’t really care about you?  If you’re worried about how to get out of a mess, call me…any time.   I won’t go to your parents, unless I think your life is in danger, and I won’t lecture you.  But I will listen, and I will do all I can to help you.  I’ll also give you some facts that you need to know. 

Choose your friends wisely.  If you are hanging around people who are doing things you know you don’t need to be doing, there are ways to find new friends.  You are so special to me.  You are so special to God!  I know lots of you are “partiers”— but God could use some “party girls/guys” to spread His Word.  Being smart and safe doesn’t mean not having fun. 

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  1. you know..it iss really gross when people drink after one another..especially during flu season!I love this song! Well ,Mrs.Steen your a great person to chat with too!Have an awesome day!!

    <3 *Morgan*

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah Mrs. Steen you do understand everything….. if people haven’t noticed… many guys and girls are getting sicker and sicker everyday and using that coke example is a great way to let other people know not to do it… and Jana’s doing fine and the house is wonderful….yeah I always see people at the movies “hooking up” and some people take that to the extreme of going further than just sitting with each other at the movies or dancing at parties….. but I’m out for now…. cool song…i liked the entry.. but i’ll talk to you later.. cya


  3. first paragraph: you are so right. there are so many people that are getting WAYYY sick just from inocently drinking a coke. gross…but it happens on a daily basis.

    seconds paragraph: that is an amazing message you are giving. we had the same talk at our youth group. there are so many diseases that you can contract by doing these things…it’s horrible. what is even worse is that there are kids even younger than us doing it. I think girls do it to feel wanted…loved understand? im sure you do. Guys do it for the obvious reasons

    third paragraph: Choosing bad friends is just like….eating something bad to eat. as soon as you realize it doesnt taste very good..then you will realize “hey! i shouldn’t eat this anymore!” you jsut have to notice the food doesn’t taste very good..

    have a blessed day! i love you!


  4. lilbabib08 says:

    wow i just found this site….its soo awesome what your doing, i am one of those people who partied too much and just went too wild thinking oh im just having a good time. But i realized its more serious then i thought and people changed the way they thought about you. But im glad to say i have changed my life! and now i still party but to a lesser amount. And yet still have fun. And i just think its awesome that you have a site for kids to go to that really need the help like i did.


  5. Sproing2535 says:

    omg yes tell him you get them off faster when you wear the bands…. i learned that.. haha… i would have them off like last fall if i wore the bands. now its the retainer im going to have to worry about, lol. yeah will was there. i think im coming next week. ive been thinking about coming on wednesday nights… and ive also thought about changing churches…so we’ll see what happens. melissa’s been going to courtney’s chuch on wednesday, so yeah… she mentioned coming wednesday… well i hope you have a great friday and weekend!!

    by the way… yes i like they way my teeth turned out… and i forget what other question you asked… lol sorry

  6. Hey, Thanks for commenting me so i could find ur xanga. It is really great that u have this site for young people to look at cus i just know it will make a difference in peoples live. You seem so understanding and just very bright! I feel that i could tell you anything and i know that u would try your best to help me with what ever problem i have. Your just an awesome person! What you have said in ur entry is soo the truth, exspecially in high school. Knowing that Christ is watching always makes me stop and think about the descions i make, which im so happy about that! Well i hope you have a great week, I LOVE YOU!


  7. Anonymous says:

    you are a very cool adult..lol

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