It’s nice to see this is all working again.  I posted twice last night, but both times it sent my post to some place in Xanga land!  That is so frustrating, isn’t it?

Before I forget…one of my sons has a Xanga now, and he needs lots of encouragement to keep working on it.  Please visit his site:  The name was supposed to look like Mackn, but I hit the “i” instead of the “l”–oops!  Anyway, he’s stuck with the name for now.  “lViackn”

Thanks for all of your encouragement after my very bad day.  Today is Tuesday, and I’m encouraged that it will be a good week.  The whole thing last week was from the neighbor cat (male) who has apparently been coming into our garage.  He obviously likes the place…so much that he sprayed just about everything in the back of the garage–marking his territory, I suppose.  A male thing, I guess!    Our whole house smelled by Thursday, and I was at such a loss for what to do.  Long story short…we had to entirely empty our garage on Saturday so that I could scrub the walls and floors where the cat had sprayed.  Oh man!  You don’t know what a mess our garage is/was.  I took photos before, but it doesn’t look that much better even after five trips to the dumpster!  But I will persevere…I will be able to park a car in there.  So, was it a good thing the cat sprayed and stunk up our house?  Well, NO, even though it’s good that we’re finally going through some of the junk out there. The house doesn’t smell anymore, but I have found some more spots that I missed–a blacklight shows you where urine is, did you know that? 

I said other things last night, but I don’t have time to write it all again.  I’m heading to my dance class today—I need to use DDR to practice, I think,  Chip has Jazz Band this afternoon, Parker has Keyboard, and Bernie, bless him, has work.  It’s an exciting day to be a Steen!  Hope you’re all having a great week.  XOXO to all my Youth Group girls—Kallie, Christie, Kate, Emily, Steph, Melissa, Taylor (lots of highs and lows), Samantha P. (come back!), Courtney.  Courtney, you add a real spark to our mix.  Glad God put you there.  Sunday was great!  And I’m glad that you all are so kind to other people, especially people who are different.  Yikes, did you ever think that maybe people think WE’RE different?  Well, I suppose we are—Christ said we have to be different from the world.  Choose wisely this week.  Steph, how was the Chick Flick Night?  Did you cry much?


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