Yes, today is a better day.  It always is that way, you know.  I don’t even have to leave this country…no Australia for me!

Youth group was awesome tonight!  We were talking about people with disabilities.  Do you ever think about how people who are different feel?  You know, people with no disabilities, yet who are just different from us, have it even harder than those with confirmed disabilities on some levels—they have no visible marks of difference.  I hope you really think about how people who are different from you might feel when they are around you.  I hope tht you make everyone feel accepted and important.

OK, so I had a little fun at my Democrat friends’ expense.  I’m hoping that my fun was taken as just that.  I have so many friends who are also Democrats, which just goes to show that we can be different from other people and still be wonderful people.  Chris, I’ll bet those teeth that came out were neither liberal nor conservative…but, then, what were they?  Hmmm…  We just have the neatest youth group, really!  The praise music tonight was great!

Have a great day off tomorrow!  Even parents are glad for the break from the routine.


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  1. missbev says:

    Have fun tomorrow. That is a good picture of you, by the way. ok, I have to ask, teeth coming out? Chris? I’m just a bit nosey…lol.

  2. Hey Mrs.Steen!

    yes i was happy to see you  in the hallway too..your always smiling and that makes everyone else smile!! Chip is way better than me at DDR though but lazer tag was fun!
    *God Bless*


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mrs.Steen… How are you ? I just felt like saying hi to ya ! By the way.. This is Beth ! i just set up an xanga and it is soooo confusing 🙂 I`m, like, so clueless about some things on it .. hehe. But i think im starting to get things together… gonna go and let you get back to whatever you were doing.. Hope to talk to Ya soon ! **God Bless**                                                ~*BeTh*~

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