Tuesday already…where does the time go? 
Youth group was great…another new girl has joined us, and it is so great to see our group growing!

I was driving home from Parker’s keyboard lesson yesterday when I noticed a field of white crosses beside a church.  I mean LOTS of crosses.  I noticed a big sign that said the crosses represent the 3600 deaths of babies to abortion each day.  That’s a  phenomenal number, and I assume it is accurate.  It just made my heart so sad to think of how many people God would have chosen to be a part of his flock had people not been allowed free will.  What if my birth mother had chosen abortion instead of adoption?  I praise God that she cared more for me than for herself.  I know many of you reading this probably think that every girl should have the right to choose, and I suppose that’s what free will is all about, but how do you decide about something you don’t really understand?  

On a lighter note, our new heating system is supposed to be put in today.  Praise God that He has held off cold weather the past few days!  Truly, the weather has been wonderful, even nice enough to have the windows open yesterday.  It’s supposed to be REALLY cold in a day or two, and that will be much easier to handle with a new heating system, won’t it?  Joy, joy!

Did you have a great Valentine’s Day?  I did.  Bernie had a couple of roses in a vase waiting on the table, the boys each gave me a bag of dark chocolate Dove candies, and everyone had a card for me.  They were all great, but Parker’s was especially funny because it had this mirror in it that I thought was to show me “The World’s Greatest Mom,” that’s what the card said.  Parker, however, thought differently.  I may be a great mom, but he chose the card because the mirror makes you look funny.  What a hoot!  He’s just not your average bear!

Have a great day and remember not to judge other people by the way they look.  Imagine if others judged you by the way you look some days.  Yikes–we all have ugly days, don’t we?


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Joy is the will which labors, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.~ William Butler Yeats

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