It’s been a good Christmas…though my energy level has surely been on the low end!  Yesterday was awesome…we left home around 11:00 and went to Opryland Hotel for lunch and then to the IMAX to see The Polar Express.  It was an amazing thing to see it in 3-D!  I think everyone in the family really enjoyed it, despite the fact that Chip and Parker really wanted to be playing video games nonstop. 

I read a girl’s Xanga yesterday that really bothered me…it was full of ugly language and ugly thoughts about Christianity.  Do you all ever speak up when your “friends” believe differently than you?  Therre’s something to be said for being a bold witness…though I’m sure it must be a hard choice when the pressure’s on.  Give me your thoughts on that, ok?

My brother and his family are coming up in a few hours, so I better get busy.  After today, the “season” of Christmas will be over.  I can start putting away decorations and all, but I love the way the house looks during Christmas, and the way it feels!  I guess that’s why I’m always ready to start decorating when November gets here.  This year, it’s a good thing I did, or my surgery would have left us with an undecorated house! 

It’s been such a wonderful season this year.  My mom has spent so many days with us because she wanted to help take care of me, but it has just been an incredible blessing for all of us.  I figure one of these days she’ll decide to join us here in the ‘boro…I’ll give her five years!  We have such fun when we are together.  God is good!

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?  I think it would be great fun to have a get-together for the kids, though it would mean missing out on my adult friends’ party.  I love being with my kids, though, and watching them ring in the new year…a few more years and they won’t be hanging around here…they’ll be in college!  Yikes!



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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    Thanks Mrs. Susan!… I’m just going to quit updating my xanga, but I’ll leave comments, haha, that’s my favorite part about it! I was very upset about my pillow… Mallory gave it to me!… oh well, there’s more important things to worry about, than just a pillow. Hope you had a great Christmas… how was the IMAX? I saw The Polar Express in the theatre, it was good. We used to read that book on Christmas Eve, we haven’t in a long time though… well I’m going to go… have a great rest of the break, hope you get to feeling better, well regain your energy! thanks again!

  2. aww Mrs. Susan i love your outlook on things. ive been to horrible xangas before that simply freaked me out. lol God is good! i hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and Jesus <3s You!

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