Only a few more days until Christmas!! Aren’t you about to pop with excitement?  I am just so glad that so many people will stop their busy-ness to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  He is everything, or your life is nothing–nothing that He wants it to be.  Do you know Him?  Oh, please get to know Him.  I pray that in the coming days you will take time to read the Gospel accounts of his birth and the events leading up to his birth…to read Isaiah’s prophecy announcing his coming.  What a glorious life there is when you walk with Jesus!  Don’t miss out—if you need someone to help you, please ask me. 

Easter and Christmas are really inseparable–without His birth, Jesus’ resurrection would never have occurred…without the resurrection, His birth wouldn’t really mean a whole lot.  Only God can intertwine it all!  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–it’s a package deal.  It’ll be the best gift you’ve ever received–so, unwrap it!

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  1. Hey Mrs Steen! im so excited about Christmas! I hope you have a very good break!

  2. Hey Mrs. Steen! My grandma has cancer and the doctors said it would be a miracle for her to make it till Christmas, but we may be able to get her into a cancer clinic in Maryland where they can help her. Thank you so much for praying for her!

    Merry Christmas!

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