Here it is…the last day of school until 2005.   What a great relief!  Of course, my year is ending a little differently than I imagined.  On Tuesday, I was at Centennial Women’s Hospital at 5:30 in the morning for 7:30 surgery.  It’s a cutting-edge kind of thing–a female surgery is all I’ll tell you on the Xanga.  But have I ever seen God in action!  On Monday, we were still at odds with the insurance company, and they denied my surgery three times.  After they denied it the first time, I was in tears feeling like I was jumping through hoop after hoop.  My mom and I walked to the car and prayed…asking God to take control and to remove all of the worry and tears from me.  My eyes immediatley dried up, and I felt a real sense of peace.  That’s the trusting part.  For the next four hours or so I just proceeded to do everything I was asked, until around 4:30, when I received news that we had been denied for the third time.  Then, I fell apart.  I was just emotionally exhausted.  I maintained that God must not believe that I needed the surgery, and I tried to pull myself together.  About an hour and 15 minutes later, the surgeon called to let me know that she had just received approval for the surgery, albeit nearly by an act of congress.  I was elated and praised God for holding me up all day and giving me a favorable end to the day.  Of course, I would have had to praise Him if I didn’t have the surgery, because I would have had to believe that His will was “not now.”  Amazing, indeed!

I came home Wednesday around lunch and have slept most of the time.  I thought I could get dressed to eat with my lunch bunch, or at least sit with them while they ate.  But I fell fast asleep after showering and dressing–it takes a lot of energy!  Maybe next week.

We’ve already had people bringing food for our meals, which has been such a wonderful treat.  I’ve never had homemade Cheese Manicotti, and it was good.  I can’t eat a whole lot yet, and I probably should just keep it that way. 

My mother has been with me all week, and she has been a wonderful person to have with me.  She was with me all day Monday during the hoop jumping, she got the boys up and to school on Tuesday and Wednesday, fed them, got them to bed at night, came with Bernie to pick me up Wednesday, and has helped take care of washing and ironing.  What an unbelievable treat!  Someday, maybe I’ll get a chance to help her the same way, and if not, to help my own children’s families.

Youth Group gift exchange is Sunday.  I’m trying to come up with a clever gift–and I think I know just what I’ll do.  But, no, I’m not telling here!  Too many of my friends from church read my Xanga!  It’ll have to be a surprise.

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  2. MeLeeSa523 says:

    Mrs. Susan! I’m so glad everything went well! God really IS amazing! Lazer tag was pretty fun last night! I wish you could’ve been there! I’ve slept all day! I can’t wait until Christmas! I want to see all of my family so bad! I hope you have an awesome Christmas and New Years! See you tomorrow! Love you bunches!*Melissa*

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