Oh Wow!  I absolutely am in shock…I made the front page of our local newspaper, and it’s not because I’m in trouble!  This is so amazing, and I am SO humbled, yet so excited!  Check it out if you want to know more.


Well, I don’t know what could make this day any better.  Oh, well, my friend Melida is coming to town.  That’s very great!  I believe the Pink Flowered Flip Flop Club will be making an appearance at Chili’s for lunch tomorrow. 

Youth Group tonight, Russ Patterson’s Court of Honor tomorrow, a slow day Tuesday, Chip’s birthday on Wednesday, and Thanksgiving on Thursday.  It’s a busy week…have a great one!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many congratulations.

  2. missbev says:

    I am so impressed! What a blessing! I really wish we could meet sometime….I think we have a great deal in common.

  3. MeLeeSa523 says:

    YAYY MRS SUSAN!!! I read the newspaper! so cool! tell chip happy birthday for me and have a fabulous thankgiving break! *melissa*

  4. lil_gibby_13 says:

    good job mrs susan!!!! i love visiting ur xanga–its very uplifting! ur such an “in tha know” mom! hahaha! love u so much

                  annie carolyn

  5. ME_KG says:

    I hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving! 

    Love you!–Kallie–

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