Wow…what a night!  We celebrated Chip and Erin’s birthdays last night, and I am still worn out.  It was great fun to see so many of you mixing with kids you might not normally hang out with.  That’s something I really admire about Chip–he has friends from so many different areas, and he isn’t worried about impressing any of them.  I think everyone ended up having a great time, at least those we cared about entertaining.  I was amazed at how many older kids, who didn’t even know Chip or Erin, showed up and wanted to party.  Even more, I am amazed that parents let their kids go out without any idea where they’re going!  It’s just very eye-opening.  We really need to pray for the youth to be wise in their choices and the parents to be discerning about the freedom they give their kids.  Honestly, I think most kids are hungry for a little parental intervention.  All in all, it was a great party, with good clean fun.  Those who were hoping for more dirty dancing should have gone elsewhere.  And just a note to you girls…if you are bumping and grinding, don’t be surprised if a boy is thinking you are saying “Hey baby, I’m yours!”  I know you think they shouldn’t read anything into it, but they do.  Be careful!  There are some very aggressive guys out there. 

I have always told my kids, “Remember who you are and whose you are, no matter where you are or what you are doing.”  It’s really powerful advice if you take time to think about it.  I don’t want you to think I’m getting all preachy…I just care so much that you consider the things that can happen when you don’t leave the house with firm decisions already in your mind.  Decide before you leave…”This is what I’m going to do, this is how I will act…if anyone offers me anything, or tries to get me to do this or that, I don’t want to do it.”  You would be AMAZED at the power your own words will have later in the evening.  Take a stand and be a leader!

OK, so now that I’ve tried to help you make some better choices, and they go for guys and girls alike, I’ll move on. 

Christmas will be here so soon–what is everyone hoping to get for Christmas?  What special things do you enjoy doing during the holidays?

It was so great to see so many of my younger friends last night…I can’t believe how old you all are getting!  You are the neatest people! 

Take time to praise God tomorrow with the fellowship of other people at a church–it’s a lot better than praising him alone.  Please pray for my friend, L., who has liver cancer.  We are believing that God has already healed her and that she will be positive and upbeat about the progress she is making. 

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Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable. ~ Theodore N. Vail

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