OK, so I’ve let time get by me since I last updated.  Life is like that sometimes, though.  The Youth Group, CIA, went to Smyrna First Pres. for Citieswide Worship–it was really awesome!  One of the guys from Shelbyville talked about how he had been going to a Bible Study in their town that was interdenominational.  There were lots of different people involved–many of whom looked nothing like him.  Well, for their small group divisions, guess whose group he was with?  A bunch of Gothic-looking characters!  He talked about how at first he was so turned off by them, but that as time went by–weeks, I think–he looked across the table and saw another Christian seeking to know Jesus better.  How his view had changed!  He no longer had the prejudice against those so different from himself.  What a great lesson for all of us.  Who do you see every day that you are judging because they look so different from you?  Maybe it’s time you ask God to give you His eyes, that you would see that person in a different light.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lessons like that are always interesting to learn, when you think you know someone, but you don’t. I wish I could have gone last night.

  2. MeLeeSa523 says:

    hey mrs. susan! i know in highschool…there are so many different people…and you just think all the Christians are the people you know! I guess someone who looks totally different than me might be an awesome Christian! You just never know! love you*melissa*

  3. missbev says:

    Why is it that we gravitate to those who are just like us? We miss out on so much that we could learn from others with a different look, language, life……we forget that if we share the same faith, it bridges differences.

  4. hEy Mrs.Steen!! Im emliee! Chip’s party was awsome!! it was so much fun!! ill ttul!

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