Boo!  It’s Halloween and what a fun night we’ve had!  Chip and Brad went to the youth group hayride and bonfire for a bit and then headed over to Breckenridge to hang out with some of their friends.  What is your opinion on PDA?  You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  How does it make you feel to watch others, and how does it make you feel when you think about it being you?  Just curious.

OK, so David and Parker trick-or-treated over here for a while and then headed to David’s neighborhood to get more goodies.  Parker was Freddie Krueger—yikes!  I just don’t like scary stuff, and Parker LOVES it all.  Go figure.

We haven’t had many kids come by tonight.  I think about 50 kids came through.  I don’t know—maybe lots of kids go to malls and churches these days.  Did you all have fun tonight? 

My mom now has a Xanga–how cool is that?  “Nana’s Notions” is what I’ve dubbed it.  I’ve loved watching her grow through the past few years. 

Oh, here’s the BIG NEWS…Bernie has finally been promoted to the job we came here for 13 years ago.  God is so good and so faithful, but its definitely in His time, not ours.  I am SO proud of him and the wonderful man he is.  He has worked so hard and been pushed down so many times, but we aren’t wandering in the wilderness anymore…praise God, we can see the Promised Land!


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    Miss Susan, I know exactly what you are talking about with the PDA thing. I think it is tacky personally. Melissa and I drove through Brekenridge tonight and some of those girls were a little…scandalous. I love u!!!


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