What a night!  It was an amazing performance by each band–the competition was huge!  Siegel won!  We took first place overall in the large bands, as well as first in color guard and field commander…Allison does a great job!  It was so disappointing that the percussion did not get an extra award, though they earned and received a superior rating.  They work so hard, but again I must say the competition was equal, and obviously to someone the competition was better.  Siegel’s percussion is awesome, though, and can go into next weeks contest certain of that, in my book.  What a great night! 

Dear God, I thank you for the each person who visits this Xanga.  May you bless their day and remind them of all of the good things you have done for them.  I ask you to cover them with a blanket of grace that will be all that they need today, whether it’s grace for the parent that will yell at them, the kid that will make fun of them, the son or daughter who will slam a door.  Grace is all we need, and I pray that your grace will be sufficient for each of them today.  Thank you for the tools you have given us to spread your Word, even a tool as simple as a Xanga.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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