So, how goes it with the rest of the world?  Our trip to Atlanta was great, with the exception of the ants that got into some of the luggage and clothes.  They bit me as I was trying to shake them out of the clothing, and one of the bites looks like it will be leaving a scar–a momento from Atlanta, I suppose.  After two hours of ant patrol, we ran out of time to go to Coke, and had to get back to Tullahoma.  We were disappointed to end the trip as we did.  We did enjoy Allie’s game, though.  Did I mention Stone Mountain?  It was just beautiful!  We should have just ended the trip after going to the top of the mountain—the view just couldn’t have been any nicer!


You should see Allie, too—

  She’s a cutie…and so sweet!

Can you hear the music I’ve chosen?  I hope so–because it’s How Beautiful by Twila Paris, and isn’t Jesus just beatiful!  You may have to click on the Rhapsody link under the album info to hear it.  If anyone can help me get music to play on this page, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day, full of God’s blessings for your life.  Hello and hugs to all of my youth group girls–they are just the best!


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  1. why thank you! your just so sweet! i get my music at type in the song name. find one. and then right click it, click properties. copy the link to your music thing on xanga! have a wonderful day mrs.steen!!


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