Oh, I am SO tired!  Three and a half hours of sleep last night, four hours driving to our hotel, three hours at the band contest.  Finally, we are back at the hotel.  Siegel’s band had an awesome performance tonight.  The color guard was at the top of their game and finally took first place, along with the rest of the band.  What a great experience being part of the band has been for Chip!

We’ll go to the Coke Museum and Stone Mountain while we are here–maybe Six Flags, too.  Hopefully, the rest of you are enjoying the beginning of Fall Break.  It’s so nice to know that we don’t have to get homework finished tonight for a change.

Have a great weekend–believe in the miracles of God.

Stephanie and Taylor after Oakland’s first soccer win of the year!!!!

Martha’s 50th Birthday lunch, with Kay, Eva, Me, Annette, and Clydell–Katherine and Melida were with us in photo form.  It was great–good friends are one of the best gifts from God!

This is what it looks like to win at a band contest–but it’s from the win in Columbia last weekend, not tonight.  Go Siegel!  They have worked SO hard!


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  1. glad life’s goin AWESOME for you mrs.steen!! your awesome!! have a wonderful week!


  2. sweetnlow87 says:

    ah thos epics are so cute! im glad you are having a good fall break so far. grace like rain is such a good song i wanna sing it for praise band, still workin on it! ill see you sunday! ~Steph

  3. missbev says:

    Looks like Seigel is just building right onto their form from last year. This is really unique for a new school to have such a strong program from the get-go, Go Seigel!!

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