Here it is, Sunday again!  This was an awesome Sunday, though–we started back to Youth Group tonight!  I love “my girls.”  They are an amazing bunch–God blesses me every time I am with them.  We started the first topic that will last for the next few weeks–Salvation, our need for a savior.  Tonight we talked about “what is a good person?”  We agreed that we all are good people who frequently do some not so good things.  I’m looking forward to the discussions that will surely follow in the next weeks.

Last night (Saturday), we went to a band contest in Hendersonville.  Siegel’s band was just great–good enough to come home with trophies galore!  Chip really had a blast, and what a great first experience with contests…to win “Best of the Best.”  Of course, he needs to understand that it means hard work every week to stay at the top of your game, but I think he’ll hang with it just fine!  We are so proud of him for being part of a great program. 

My mother closes on her house sale tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers…it’s tough to sell the house you’ve lived in for 40 years.  I went down last week and said my goodbye’s to the house–it was a very tearful day for me. 

God has brought a wonderful lady into my life this year…Myra.  She is my prayer partner through the Bible Study I’m in with Patti at St. Mark’s.  She’s just a precious lady, and I’m so glad that God paired me with her.

Speed and Read was Friday, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  This was my last year to do the music for them, and I’ll miss it next year.  It’s so much fun to cover those children with uplifting, positive music.  It’s always a shame when someone makes a comment about the Christian music in a way that leaves you thinking they would rather hear the yucky lyrics, but then you just have to hold on to the many many remarks from people who were so grateful for the great music.  God always keeps us on our toes–that’s for sure!

Have a wonderful week.  Remember to ask yourself a question at the beginning of each day…”Who will I show Jesus to today, through my actions and words?”  At the end of each day, ask yourself, “Did I give my best today?  Did I bring glory to God?”  I must ask myself those questions each day.


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