This is so exciting!  I am typing this on my new laptop computer that Bernie and the boys gave me for my birthday.  A big birthday deserves a big present.  Parker and I drove to Franklin this morning to pick it up, and now I am sitting on the couch typing!  Awesome!

So, how is everyone?  I spent my birthday celebrating with about 22 of my closest friends–a surprise lunch arranged by Bernie, Laura, and Martha.  What a wonderful surprise it was!  Even my kids knew about it, and they knew that I was sad because I thought my friends had forgotten.  It was a wonderful day!  I’ll post pictures later.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll type more next time!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    happy late birthday miss susan!!! love u!!


  2. missbev says:

    Were you in my neighborhood getting tht computer? Franklin, TN or KY? I know that you were very pleasantly surprised… post pics!

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