Last day of summer for the rest of the kids.  I know you all are sad…but for a mom, it’s pretty exciting!  Took Chip and Brad shopping for their school supplies and saw Viccums and Carlene while we were there.  Now, I’m off to take Chip to Marching Band practice.  Yikes!

Parker rode his bike to school today–he likes that freedom, I think.  He’s an awesome kid.

B. Bean has moved into the neighborhood, and the traffic has definitely increased.  Don’t know her, but a lot of other people must.  I’ll have to get by and meet her parents some time. 

Chip and Brad are in 8C…are any of you?

I’ve been really interested in how many of you kids are very openly talking about Jesus on your Xanga’s.  How do you keep Him in your daily life?  What will you do at school this year to let other people know that you live for Him and not for them?  Just curious…other kids always need encouragement, and I’m sure many of you have great ideas to share. 

XOXO  Susan

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  1. missbev says:

    Hasn’t this been a SHORT summer? But hey, I don’t have kids at That is an excellent challenge for the kids……and us as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs. steen! well i juss wanted to say hey and whats ^? so i guess i will ttyl


  3. Anonymous says:

    Miss Susan!! this is emily! i can’t wait for youth group to start back!! cya later!!

    love u!!

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