I can’t believe it!  One of the trumpet players in the high school marching band has hurt her leg and can’t march.  So, Chip had a call from the band…and now he’s a marcher!  Wow, it’s unbelievably cool for him to be able to do that as an eighth grader!  Can you tell I’m a very proud mother?  Yep!

Never wanting to shortchange one of my kids, I should mention that Parker is smart and talented, as well. 

I’ve really enjoyed reading what the different kids have been up to this summer.  It’s also great to see that other adults enjoy writing in their Xanga journal.  It’s a great way to let relatives from far away know what’s new in your life.

Have  a great day and keep praying for a miracle for Mary Alice, but also pray that God do what’s best for her and not just what we want.


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  1. Congrats to Chip for getting the trumpet part! Thats awesome! Well have a great week Mrs.Steen!


    love always, casie

  2. missbev says:

    Way to go Chip! Now you are officially a band parent as well.

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