Monday is usually a busy day, and it’s the day I most wish could be calm.  I guess because the weekends are so full.  We helped host a going away party for our sweet friends Bill and Melida on Saturday night.  Sunday morning sure did come early!  The youth group left for Fun in the Son at Jekyll Island around 6:00 in the morning.  I do wish I could have gone with them.  Today I’ve been trying to get a little work done on the Church Pictorial Directory.  Parker folded and ironed some of the laundry, and then he and Chip went to the tennis courts with Scott and T.J. Sanders.  Now they’ve come back home and will probably not be inside long before they’re off and running again.

Tonight our lunch bunch is going to dinner as a kind of final farewell to Melida.   Really, it is so sad to say good-bye.  Tomorrow, Carter Marie is going to spend the day with us.  I thought we might go to Cool Springs for back-to-school shopping.  I’m sure she would enjoy a change of scenery.  We just have to keep praying for Lisa’s body to regain some strength.  She’s tired and hurting, but God is so faithful to walk with us.  We just have to keep the faith. 

That’s all I know for now.  I’ve been catching up on reading my friends’ Xangas.  Annie and Kelsey have been at cheerleading camp and winning awards!  Chris is with the youth group at FITS.  Savannah is back from spending time with Savannah.  And Jessica is finally home–honestly, the girl is a travelling maniac!  What great lives these kids have…and I’m so blessed to know them.  I hope my boys have, or will have, adults they can feel safe being around–I guess Joe is that person for Chip right now. 

Have a great day–and remember to think thoughts that glorify God!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Mrs. Steen!! this is amy burns i juss wanted to say hey! and hope your summer is goin great!! i will talk to you later!


  2. missbev says:

    Can you pass on any great revelations that you get from that book!?!?

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