I am forever grateful for a God who loves me as I am, but who won’t leave me where I am.  Do you ever notice how God just won’t leave well enough alone?  Just when we’re comfortable, He says, “Look what I have for you!”  Yes, that’s the life with God–always an adventure!

Parker’s friend David spent the night last night, and they tried to round up friends to play ‘jailbreak’, but just couldn’t seem to get everyone here at the same time.  Maybe tonight will be a better night.  We’re going to the pool with our friends the Troutt’s today.  Should be a wonderful day, and the fact that the sun is shining right now is very encouraging.

We have a nest of yellow jackets in the ground in the back yard.  Parker got stung when he was mowing the other day,  so we’ve purchased some items to help the yellow jackets find a better place to live.  What good is a big back yard if you can’t enjoy it? 

My friend Lisa isn’t feeling well.  We don’t know yet if her cancer is back, but I ask you to pray for her strength–physically and spiritually.  I just don’t know a stronger woman in God’s army!  My friend Carolyn is expecting a baby in November–she’s 5 years older than I!  What a joyful sense of humor God has.  Please pray for her, too, and for her family.  I can’t imagine the hormonal changes in that house.  

The youth group went to Kentucky yesterday to spend the day at Six Flags, but when they got there, the place was closed due to power outages from the storms the night before.  The kids ended up going to the zoo.  I guess it was ok, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the day.  I think any time your plans are changed without your choosing, it can be frustrating.  Maybe this is a good lesson for all of the kids to roll with the punches and look for what God might have that is better than our plan!

Have a wonderful day and remember to spend a few minutes getting to know Jesus today.

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  1. missbev says:

    ewwwww Yellow jackets! We had the same thing and had to have a pest control company come out to get rid of them. They had gone down into mole runs(another pesky pest) and it took spraying poison into their entrance hole for 30 minutes before they were all dead. I don’t think you’ll have much luck in getting them to move…..that said, if you do get them to move, pass on the info.

    I had to chuckle at the older woman who is pregnant…..we had that happen in our family. My daughter gave birth to her third at age 40. She already had a 10 yr old girl and a 12 yr old boy. They are now almost 4, 14, and 16. It’s not been easy for her to have a toddler and teenagers, but he has been such a blessing. I was a late in life kid myself. My parents were 36 and 38 when I was born and my only sibling, a brother, was 13 the month before I was born. Was I ever the baby princess!!

  2. EvilRedHead says:

    Hey Mrs. Susan!  Man, I wish you could have gone to Kentucky with us, oh well.  I had a lot of fun, I don’t know about anyone else, but then again, I’m pretty sure I can have fun anywhere! haha, you know me!  Anyways, I’ll pray for Carolyn and Lisa.  Love ya always and God Bless; bye and hugs.


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